Don’t hesitate to call with any questions. 406-599-5469

How do I prepare for a delivery?
We will arrive at your specified location with everything we need to setup and sanitize your inflatable. We ask that someone be present to show us where to setup. We will also need a power outlet within 100 feet of where you want it setup and a clear path at least 48" wide. Some of the larger units will not fit through standard gates. If you have a gate and rent our elephant combo or a water slide please let us know before the delivery date to discuss options. Once the inflatable is inflated you'll be all set to play until we return in the evening. When we pick up we will come to where it is setup and pack it out with no need for anyone to be present.
How do I prepare to pickup my inflatable?
Be sure that you have a pickup or trailer to haul the inflatable. Loading and unloading will be more difficult if your pickup has a camper shell and our larger inflatables will likely not fit at all so be sure to discuss this with us if you are unsure. You will need to meet us at 9am at 86 Falcon Ln. Please be on time as we immediately leave to do our deliveries. We will help you load the inflatable into your truck but you will need to be sure you have people to help you setup and tear down at your party. You will need to have the inflatable back to our lot before 8am the next morning so we can have them ready for the next days rental. Please return clean and dry for the next customer. 
**Please be aware that we clean units when delivered. If a unit is being returned by a customer and immediately being picked up by a customer we cannot guarantee that it will be clean or dry. We ask that our customers be considerate of the next customer and return it in the condition they would like to receive it. Occasionally units get returned full of water from rain or sprinkler systems and can be very heavy. If we notice this we will do our best to assist as we can. If you are unsure that you have enough help to setup in this scenario please choose the delivery option and we will setup and clean when we deliver.
Am I responsible for cleaning the inflatable?
We will clean and sanitize the inflatable when we deliver it, but we do ask that you have it cleaned out before we arrive to pick it up. A little grass and dirt is expected but there should be no trash or food or drink spills as food and drinks are not allowed on the inflatables. For units that we get back extremely dirty or stained there will be a $300 cleaning fee.
What if I don't have power where I want it setup?
You will need to supply a generator or rent one from us. We currently have them available for $75 per day. If you are supplying your own generator please let us know the starting and running watts listed so we can ensure that it is adequate for your rental.
My party will go late, can I keep it over night?
If you choose to rent with customer pickup you can keep it over night as long as you have it back to us before 8 am the following morning. If you rent for delivery it's very difficult for us to pickup the next morning and prep it before our deliveries start. Please call us to discuss details as we may be able to make special arrangements. If we do have to pickup the next morning there will be an additional $50 fee.
How do I cancel a reservation?
If you need to cancel you can call us at 406-599-5469 or cancel through the link in your email up until 48 hours prior to your reservation. You will be charged the full amount if you cancel sooner than 48 hours. If the cancelation is due to significant weather you will not be charged.
What if the weather gets bad?
In most cases of weather you will not be charged a cancelation fee. Just call 406-599-5469. All units will be rented with at least 18" stakes but if the wind is getting above 15 to 20 MPH we require the customer to turn off the unit until the wind calms down.
Will the inflatable be setup before the scheduled delivery time?
We start our deliveries as soon as our customer pickups are loaded at 9 am so we will generally arrive early and have it setup before your reserved time. In the event that too many rentals are scheduled for early morning we will call ahead to discuss details. It is helpful if you put the start and end times of your party in the notes when you book your rental so we can make the necessary arrangements to be sure you have it before your party starts.
What if the inflatable is damaged while we have it?
Unfortunately accidents happen and units do eventually wear out. If a unit is damaged please call us immediately at 406-599-5469. You will likely not be charged for normal wear and tear. If there is obvious negligence or evidence that rules were not being followed (knife cuts, animal scratch marks, etc...), you 
will be responsible for the cost of repairs up to the cost of replacing the unit depending on the severity of the damage.
How do I rent multiple units or have one for multiple days?
On the booking page you are able to select as many units as you like and select the days you wish to have them. As always feel free to call us to add additional days if you have trouble, 406-599-5469.
Do you deliver outside of the Bozeman area?
Yes, but we do charge additional fees for delivery to Manhattan, Three Forks, Livingston and Big Sky. These fees will be added to your quote based on your address. We generally cannot deliver beyond these areas but please call 406-599-5469 with questions.