What is GellyBall?

Gellyball is:

The perfect alternative to foam darts, paintball, and AirSoft.

Each fully automatic gun holds up to 800 rounds without reloading!

Uses a soft gel ball similar to water Orbeez.

Requires no cleanup. GellyBalls are mostly water and biodegradable.

Is not painful like paintball.

Is simple and fun for all ages 5+!

GellyBall is Bozeman’s newest and most exciting backyard adventure!

Our GellyBall package includes:

12 fully automatic pistols.

10 inflatable bunkers to transform your yard into an exciting battlefield.

Up to 80,000 GellyBalls for ammunition.

2 hours of non-stop action provided by our trained staff that will lead players through various scenarios and games like capture the flag, last man standing, etc…

Online scheduling

Buy your own equipment!

Want to purchase your own equipment to be able to play whenever and wherever you want? Give us a call at 406-599-5469 to order your own GellyBall equipment!